Welcome to Aerobic Fitness

When it comes to fitness or training you don’t always have to push yourself to the limit for you to achieve your goals. Sometimes by slowing the training down a notch or two that could be the reason why you are able to train for longer and even get better results out of your training.


Some of the results you can expect to see are;

Become Fit and healthy or become fitter and healthier

Become stronger and improve your endurance.

Training for a longer period of time and without getting out of breath.

Lose weight, body fat, not muscle.

Become faster but with a lower and more stable heart rate.


Over recent years like lots of other athletes I’ve pushed my body to the point of failure in order to become, stronger, faster and to be better with endurance. This method has worked for me and it’s worked for lots of other athletes over the years however there’s a better and more enjoyable way.


Pushing your body to the limit dose work but not without the risk of injury and if you’re training like that regularly then you need to ask yourself, how long can my body keep dealing with the stress that I keep putting it under?


Theres another way and its quite simple. Have you ever heard the saying listen to your body? To be more precise you need to start listen to your heart. If you train to your aerobic heart rate then you will be able to train for a longer period of time. when you train using your own heart rate, this will determine how you train and it will help you train in a safe and injury free way.